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About Us

Carers Plus Yorkshire Ltd

Carers Plus Yorkshire Ltd

Originally a service provider within the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale area, we changed our name to Carers Plus Yorkshire Ltd in July 2021  - this change happened as we extended our support into the East Riding, Hambleton and Richmondshire. Now with a wider footprint, we are delighted to be supporting more communities and individuals across a significant geographical area. 

With this positive extension to our coverage, we are immensely proud to have built a team of exceptionally skilled advisers who are knowledgeable and committed to placing clients at the heart of their work. Known by our partners and clients as a dynamic and ‘go-to’ charity, we are proud to have a reputation for listening and acting upon the voices and needs we know to be real, ensuring we remain flexible and focused on offering the right support, at the right time and place for those we serve.  

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

As an organisation, we have worked hard to develop a strong mission statement and objectives that will help us to achieve our vision and meet the needs of the communities we serve. Our mission is as follows: 

'Carers Plus Yorkshire enables those we support to be heard, enhance their resilience, improve their wellbeing & make positive changes in their day-to-day lives'

As we translate this statement into objectives, we are committed to ensuring Carers Plus Yorkshire is the ‘go-to’ organisation offering support to Carers & the wider community. We seek to operate through four underpinning objectives: 

  • To offer independent, high quality, information advice & support through a range of services relevant to our local communities & in the interest of improving personal health & wellbeing
  • To proactively represent the voice & needs of the communities we serve; to listen, to respond & thereby influence the commissioning & delivery of services to accurately reflect needs
  • To raise awareness of the support available & ensure the localities we serve take full advantage of our services – especially by reaching out to those who are hidden in our communities & need encouragement to access advice & information
  • To work in partnership through meaningful collaborations with a wide range of other organisations, maximising the resources & services available across our geographical area. 

To learn more about our ambitions, please have a read of our Business Plan. This remains a dynamic plan, regularly reviewed and updated so please feel free to get in touch with any feedback, comments and/or suggestions to keep it responsive to the needs of the communities, neighbourhoods and people we hope to reach.  

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Across our footprint at Carers Plus Yorkshire, we remain proud to place unpaid family carers at the heart of our work. In addition to our specialist Carer work, we are delighted to now be supporting a wider audience of people and partners. We have successfully embedded a dynamic range of additional services that help to reach more people and respond to the needs of those hidden within the heart of communities.  

Our core services support unpaid Carers from the age of 8 to 108!! And now our extended work includes opportunities for all adults to access: 

  • An established ‘Home from Hospital’ offer - helping with some of the practical challenges after a hospital experience 
  • Our Neighbourhood - aiming to reduce loneliness and isolation and secure vibrancy across our shared communities
  • A Volunteer offer - for those looking to gift time, looking to add a new dimension to their lives or just wanting to explore new interests
  • Employment and training support - especially for those who feel this is beyond reach right now.
  • Networking and training support for small businesses through our ‘Micro Providers @ Home’ service 

Please explore our website to find out more about each of the services; we are always keen to hear your thoughts and comments about how we are doing and where we could do more, so please do not hesitate to contact us and/or speak to a member of the team. We look forward to further working and supporting communities and partners across North Yorkshire and the East Riding as we move forward.  

 - Elizabeth McPherson, Chief Executive Officer.