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Wider Community Services

Our work in the community continues to grow and develop across all areas but especially in the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale area - we now have a full range of interesting opportunities for you to think about and hopefully get involved in!

In each of the services included in this section there are different ways to connect  - we would welcome hearing from members of the community who might need access to services in order to support their own journey OR who might want to volunteer and/or find out more about how they could get involved.  

Visit our Youtube channel to see some of the amazing projects we have completed through the Community Services

What is included in our Wider Community Services?

What is included in our Wider Community Services?

  • Employment and Training support - through the RISE project. RISE (Reducing Inequalities, Supporting Employment), is a support programme for adults in North Yorkshire and York who are currently out of work and have barriers to engaging with employment and/or training. Through the 50 Not Out Project - will look to support those ages 50-64 to gain new skills, training, learning and employment within a group and 121 setting.
  • Volunteering - in its widest sense. We have many services across the charity and/or opportunities we are involved with in partnership with others, that require the support of volunteers to make them happen. We have some very specific requests (vacancies) around ‘befrienders’ and NHS Volunteers, but we also look to match ‘interest to opportunity’ and can create new openings to give volunteers the experiences they are looking for, to ensure a special opportunity for you
What should I do next?

What should I do next?

  • Have a think about what opportunity you are looking for and/or what position you are in – are you someone needing help or someone who wants to be involved - or both!
  • Have a look round the website (don’t miss any of the pages) to see what else is going on!
  • Talk to us - the admin team are amazing at taking that ‘first call’ 
  • If you are working with another support agency/worker - talk to them - make that first call together
  • Make that first move - we are certain you could find a new purpose, improved confidence, make new friends and discover something fabulous! 
From a volunteer perspective

From a volunteer perspective

We were delighted when one of our health care volunteers commented:

"I would just like to add that my feeling comfortable and confident to volunteer is hugely down to your support and guidance - I really do appreciate your emails/ communication and always feel encouraged by your helpful feedback".  

If you think you have some time to gift as a volunteer, or you are keen to break your isolation but just need a bit of support, why don’t you contact us and see if there is a way we can help.