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Adult Carer Service

If you spend time looking after someone who depends on you because they are ill, frail or disabled, we're here to help you!

Carers Plus Yorkshire is a charity covering a geography of Scarborough, Whitby, Ryedale, Hambleton & Richmondshire, providing free and confidential advice for unpaid carers from the age of 18 plus.


Within the Adult service we have specialist workers supporting Parent Carers.  

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Who is the Adult Carers Service for?

Who is the Adult Carers Service for?

Unpaid Carers aged over 18 years:

  • Who have a significant caring role, including looking after a friend or relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug/alcohol problem.
  • Who are experiencing an impact of care such as excessive or inappropriate caring that affects emotional health & physical health. 
  • Who provide support with practical tasks, emotional support, family management, financial support, physical & personal care or those who are parent carers.
What the service provides

What the service provides

The Adult Carer Service provides advice, as and when you need it most. Our service includes:

  • Providing Impartial Information
  • Maximising Your Income
  • Providing A Listening Ear
  • Signposting & Referring
  • Guidance To Navigate Obstacles
  • Social Opportunities
  • Family & Bubble Support
  • Providing You With A Voice
What do people say about our service?

What do people say about our service?

Nasr, aged 71, has been the sole carer for his wife who has dementia, for over seven years.  

During the pandemic, Nasr participated in an online mindfulness course for unpaid carers with Carers Plus Yorkshire.  Nasr wants more people from minority ethnic communities to know about the support available for unpaid carers.  He feels the carers service understood his needs, and those of his wife.

Nasr said:The mindfulness course I did with Carers Plus Yorkshire was really useful as I provide care 24/7. I have developed some coping mechanisms through the years, but there are times, I must admit, that it is all a little bit much for me.  As a carer there is no time for activities that I enjoy, even watching a football match made me feel guilty.  The mindfulness course helped me to recognise that this was not selfishness but a form of generosity and kindness to myself, as we best care for others only when our own basic needs are met.”

"Joining a carers support service is really important, and a very positive step for me and my wife.  I feel a sense of belonging – I’d like more members of ethnic minority communities and migrants to be reached and supported in this way.  I know families who are struggling to care for their older parents and family members, and I’d like more carers to know there’s help available for them locally.”

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