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National Loneliness Week - Penpal Scheme, Australia

16/06/2022 Top News
National Loneliness Week - Penpal Scheme, Australia

FInd out more about our Penpal Scheme!

This week we have been focusing our attention towards national Loneliness week and reducing isolation within our communities.


We are aware how difficult the feeling of loneliness can be; with this in mind, a lot of the support Carers Plus Yorkshire offers across our services, are designed to increase the opportunities for individuals to come together.  When we come together we believe we can help people to find new interests, explore new things and meet new people – this is particularly powerful when we gather people together who share similar interests.  


Our My Neighbourhood service is designed to explore ‘what is out there’ to help people connect within their communities,  and ‘what is possible if it’s not!’. The Service supports individuals who wish to explore more for themselves; who may be experiencing a period of loneliness and/or isolation, and who want to talk this through before planning a way forward. In addition, the service looks to help individuals and community groups to make activities possible – to develop ideas and build sustainable opportunities within communities. This service is open to Carers and Non-carers, but from time to time we do get exciting targeted opportunities ……..


One of the opportunities that has come our way, that is definitely NOT so local, is an international pen-pal scheme for unpaid family carers in this instance. So if you are a Carer, a keen letter writer and ready to be paired with an international pal - this could be for you!! We are delighted to report we have a significant number of Carers from Perth and Queensland (Australia) ready to introduce themselves, share their stories and keep you posted from down under.

If you fancy doing something a bit different and making a link to a carer from the land down under……………do get in touch with us.

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