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Voice and Representation

31/01/2023 Top News Releases
Voice and Representation

Have your voice heard!

One of CPY’s key objectives is to encourage and support unpaid carers to share their voice and experiences in order to help us enhance and/or shape our services.

Giving Carers the opportunity to have their voice and views noted, and have their wishes and feelings respected, is vitally important to all of us.  It is essential that carers feel empowered to speak up about their ‘lived experience’ in order to improve the services that are available to them and those that will access services after them.  Caring is not a one size fits all situation, each caring role presents its own unique impact on life and we want to hear from as many Carers as we can.

We would like to invite you to our quarterly meetings for carers and people working with carers to share information about services and support.

Adult Carer Voice (3)

Our first meeting on 15th Feb will focus on ‘Time for Self’ – what does respite and ‘time out’ look like to you? We will discuss and explore current challenges and barriers that may prevent Carers taking respite;  sharing advice and ideas about how to achieve more time-for-self’.

By the end of the session we would also like to explore a plan of future meetings, asking you the ‘experts’, what themes and topics are high on the agenda!

For more information on Carer Voice and Representation, please contact



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