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Action Towards Inclusion

ATI is a service that can help both unpaid carers and non-carers to overcome barriers to employment, training, or education by providing a personal package of advice to help develop new skills and confidence.

The Action Towards Inclusion project is currently available to those residing within Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale.

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Who is ATI for?

Who is ATI for?

Adults 18+ who are:

    • Unemployed but are available for work and are actively seeking work.
    • Economically inactive and not available for or not seeking work based on individual circumstances e.g. carer, disabled, in receipt of PIP or similar benefit and/or lack of confidence/distance from the labour market.
What the service provides

What the service provides

    • An Employability Engagement Advisor will work with other partner agencies to offer a tailored support plan.
    • Flexible, sensitive, non-judgmental support.
    • The opportunity to attend a variety of groups and training sessions aimed at raising self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • Support with job searching and finding volunteering opportunities in the local community.
    • Help to make positive next steps.
    • Support to access volunteering, training, and employment opportunities.
What People Say About Our Service

What People Say About Our Service

"The ATI Key Worker helped me to increase my motivation to learn to drive, and therefore be able to access a course at University. This has put me in a much better place mentally and will enable me to pursue my dream career."

"The ATI project helped me to follow my goals constructively; knowing my Key Worker believed in me and that she was there to support me made a huge difference to me. It was great to not feel like I am on my own."

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