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Community Services

The Community Service was initially developed as a response to the pandemic in the Ryedale area; helping those in greatest need to keep safe and well at home during periods of self-isolation.  As restrictions lifted, the service moved at pace and broadened its intention to helping individuals overcome some of the anxieties and impact of the pandemic itself. 

Our role is to service and support the community and to develop strong relationships to ensure all experiences with the service are positive.

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Who is Community Services for?

Who is Community Services for?

  • Adults residing in the Ryedale area who have been impacted in some way by the pandemic
  • Those experiencing negative impact that is affecting them socially, financially, emotionally, or practically
  • Local volunteers who would like to volunteer for something different
What the service provides

What the service provides

  • A single point of contact for general information, guidance, and signposting
  • Opportunities to access financial assistance for those impacted by Covid-19
  • Support with shopping and prescriptions when essential
  • Opportunities to re-connect in community activity and the local environment  
  • New and rewarding volunteer opportunities
  • Access to befriending services  
From a volunteer perspective

From a volunteer perspective

We were delighted when one of our health care volunteers commented:

"I would just like to add that my feeling comfortable and confident to volunteer is hugely down to your support and guidance - I really do appreciate your emails/ communication and always feel encouraged by your helpful feedback".  

If you think you have some time to gift as a volunteer, or you are keen to break your isolation but just need a bit of support, why don’t you contact us and see if there is a way we can help.

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