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Carers Support
(18 + yrs old) 
(Any referrals for Young Carers 8–17 yrs old please complete our Under 18s Referral Form) 

An unpaid family carer is someone who looks after a member of their family or a friend who is ill, frail or disabled; this includes mental health & substance misuse. We look at reducing the impact of care - we cannot take away the caring responsibilities or provide personal care, but we can work with the carer to improve their well-being & help to reduce the pressure/challenges of their caring role. 

My Neighbourhood
(loneliness & isolation) 

My Neighbourhood service is designed to offer individual support, to reduce the impact of isolation & loneliness by helping individuals to re/engage in their local community &/or find ways to improve their mental, social & physical well-being. 

Action Towards Inclusion  (to develop skills and experience)

Action Towards Inclusion aims to support adults 18+ in overcoming barriers to employment or training.  1:1 support and guidance from a knowledgeable worker to increase skills and confidence to help develop new skills or broaden existing knowledge and experience.


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