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Parent Carers

If you are a parent/guardian of a young person aged 25 or under with additional needs, we have a support network waiting for you.


Our services are divided into three core offers: support for Young Carers (8-18), Young Adult Carers (16-30) and an Adult Service (18+) – each offer is supported by a specialist team.  Within the Adult service we have specialist workers supporting Parent Carers.   

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Who is the Parent Carer Service for?

Who is the Parent Carer Service for?

Parent Carers aged 18+ who have:

  • A caring role for a child or young person under 25 who has an illness or disability. This can include mental health, neurodiverse conditions, physical disabilities and can include both diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions. 
  • Who are experiencing an impact of care such as excessive caring that affects emotional health & physical health.
What the service provides

What the service provides

  • A safe space to share lived experiences
  • Signposting/ referrals to other appropriate services
  • An environment and opportunity to learn new coping strategies
  • Emotional support from peers and a Carer Engagement Advisor
  • Social opportunities with the chance to make and develop new friendships
  • Informal, informative workshops on a range of relevant subjects
  • The chance to have your voice heard
What do people say about our service?

What do people say about our service?

"It has been a passageway to a new way of life, the light at the end of the tunnel" - Rachel, Parent Carer

"I'm slowly beginning to get myself back and not just being a person in the background" - Rachel, Parent Carer

"The support from the Parent Carer's forum has been differentiated to suit our needs as a family and has always been delivered in a professional and supportive manner." - Kirsty, Parent Carer

"As a result of the support I have received from parent carer forum I feel much more confident in my caring role as well as feeling less isolated and more fulfilled as a person." - Kirsty, Parent Carer

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